This is crushingly accurate. Republicans and democrats are both hypocrites when it comes to guns. I follow mostly right wing accounts, so I’m more familiar with the rights hypocrisy. So many of these “III%er” types are also “thin blue line” ...
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This Just In: President Trump announces his scheduled plan to visit Parkland, Fl. The location of the latest school shooting and mass murder. He is going to meet with survivors, the victims parents, and many more. It is expected that ...
One other thing which Baltimore is number 1 in other than gun laws.
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Im disappointed in president Trump today, he said he would defend the 2nd amendment, and now he is proposing more gun control, I understand why, but I don't support this idea, I think it would be better if people had ...
This is one of the conservative "intellectuals" people like to name among the likes of Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro

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Real isopod hours
CREDIT: @trumpmemz Down the rabbit hole we go! This David Hogg is awfully famous! His father is an ex FBI agent as well.
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Nothing like CNN giving these kids a platform to stand on the dead bodies of their classmates to push gun control and get fame! #trump #news #conservative #republican
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It’s only scary because New England didn’t take over Canada too.
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After recent events the writings of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, in my opinion, holds many answers to how we could stop the epidemic of violence throughout the world. I would recommend all of his books to anyone I know. #sheepdogs
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