This new Girl Group cost 4 million dollars to produce, and haven’t debuted yet


Why do Knets hate these female idols?

Just because of unnecessary scandals created by anti-fans, these female idols are suddenly thrown a lot of bricks in their faces by K-netizens. ➜ Read More: https://kbizoom.com Partnership &

Why People Hate Twice

- i honestly dont think ill get any views :/ i love twice and my biases are sana and jihyo. plus, i ship bangtwice so lololololol. -- software: fcp x made: bout a week or so ago... -- bye im

Foreign K-POP Female Idols

Foreign KPOP FEMALE IDOLS updated 2017 Girl groups: TWICE, WJSN, CLC, MISS A, DHOLIC, COSMIC GIRLS, LOONA Smells Like Summer (Original Mix) by Del https://soundcloud.com/del-sound Creative